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A letter from a former resident of the House
When I left my abusive relationship, I was totally deceived and broken. I was fearful, scared, shattered and moving without any hope.
I was worried and stressed
about how I would be able to survive with my little son in this country where I did not know anyone.

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Christmas at Alpha House

If it through the generous donations from community groups and businesses that Christmas can be a time of celebration for the families residing in Alpha House. Some of our celebrations include: special Christmas craft session, visit to the Festival of Lights and Trees, outing to Children’s Museum, bowling for the children, make up makeovers donated by Barbara Berven of Mary Kay, traditional Holiday Season dinner generously donated by The Jewish Women’s international Aviva Chapter, a visit from Santa (with help from Concierge De Bourgeois), New Year’s Eve festivities, snow tobogganing (weather permitting), and attending a Young People Theatre Production.

If you wish to donate financially you may do so my sending a cheque to Alpha House Project Inc. with a note that it is for Christmas 2013. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our events, please contact us at 204 982-2011 ext 22.

If you are interested in donating gifts for the children or the women you may contact us at 204 982-2011 and speak with Jennifer regarding gifts for the residents.

Thank you for your support of the work of Alpha House and in making Christmas a special time for our families.

Board Positions Available…Help us break the cycle of violence.

“We are currently accepting applications for board membership (volunteer) for Alpha House Project Inc. Previous board experience is desirable but not mandatory. Board members attend monthly board meetings and participate as best they can to support the Alpha House cause. .If you possess leadership skills, have a background in accounting, fundraising or marketing, or simply feel you have something to offer and wish to participate, please submit your name and credentials for consideration”

Home Insurance 101 : Basic Facts You Need to Know

When wanting to start a family there is a list of necessities we all need to achieve to feel secured in building the household. A house to live in, a stable income, a car, and sometimes even plans and insurances. Home insurance may not be at the top of your priorities when purchasing a house, but to secure your investment, you must make it a top priority item. A friend working with lethbridge home insurance shared the basic facts in understanding the system itself. And here are the most basic facts you need to know:  

  1. There are different kinds of coverage
The standard and most common type of home insurance policy basically covers your residential property and the items within it, and covers any liability that may arise from injuries that your pets or family members may cause. Depending on the state you’re located, policies may differ but this is the backbone of home insurance.  
  1. Difference of actual cash value and replacement cost coverage
There are cases wherein we become too lax with signing papers and acting on a whim. Properly study the terms of the policies so that if you do not agree, then you’ll be save from future stressful situations. When the phrase actual cash value is used, it means that the insurance company is going to pay the actual cash value of a damaged item minus considerations such as its age or current condition. Replacement cost coverage on the other hand provides you with an amount that is suffice to buy a replacement item for the damage. Carefully read the policy terms and ask your agent if compromise is an option or if there are alternatives if the terms are not fit to your liking.  
  1. There’s a separate policy for earthquakes and floods
The basic home insurance policy does not cover any protection from natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. If you are particular about these, then you need to secure an additional or separate policy that will protect your property from natural disasters. Having this policy pays for the renovation or re-building of the house and even provides living expenses while construction is ongoing and the property cannot be utilized by the family. Most buyers forget to ask this to their agents, and when the need arises the homeowners are left with nothing. Be vigilant and always ask.  
  1. The insurance cost will most likely depend on what you have
This is the reason why home insurance should be top priority when purchasing a house- because as the luxurious items increase, so will your policy payment. There is a limit for pricing your valuable, the general rule is that the more specific you are with your list of items to insure, the more detailed and accurate the policy will be. An inventory of your belongings should be kept updated and declared truthfully if you want maximum safety.  
  1. Insurance companies vary for a reason
Ask around and create a study on the most effective policy or company that you think may help you. There are a lot of companies offering insurance and their policies all differ in some point. It is not bad to go shopping for the best one- give it time and be a wise investor. These five items are the skeletal facts of understanding home insurance policies. Make protecting your private property a top priority- a house is a lifetime investment and like what they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.



Fast Facts About Alpha House:
• 90% of women who leave the house do not return to the abusive relationship.

• Most women come to Alpha House with very little. Suites are fully furnished and stocked with fresh linens and essential groceries to give the family a start.

Alpha House was formed in 1989 by a group of women concerned with the lack of long term housing and support for women and their children who were victims of abuse.



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