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When you arrive at Alpha House we do all that we can to support you and your children and to provide a safe place for healing and growth. Part of healing and moving forward for the entire family is counselling support.

Alpha House requires that all residents are involved in the one on one counselling and support groups.

One on One Counselling

Every women who moves into Alpha House is provided with the chance to grow and develop as an independent woman. The counselling sessions required of all residents are a major aspect of that growth. 

In counselling you are given the chance to share your story, explore your personality, discover your identity, unfold your hurt and emotions, strengthen your weaknesses, learn about your coping behavior, and develop new skills for living. Most importantly, you will be listened to.  Moving forward is a challenge and difficult times will occur, but no one needs to go through the process alone.

You will also have the opportunity to meet one on one with the Children's Therapist to discuss parenting issues. Every child is unique and has his or her own personality, strengths, and weaknesses. You can use this time with the therapist to discuss parenting issues and receive support and advice. Some of the topics you may want to explore could be: how you relate to and raise your children, different approaches to parenting, specific needs of your children at varying ages, fears about parenting and the joys of your experience as a mother.

As a resident of Alpha House you will meet once a week with the Women's Counsellor for personal counselling, once a week with the Children's Therapist, and once a week with the Healthy Coping Counsellor.

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Support Groups

Twice a week the women of Alpha House gather together to receive support and guidance from each other. A variety of issues are discussed, life stories, struggles and joys are shared, and opportunities for learning from each other and the group leader are uncovered.

One group is lead by the Women's Counsellor and focuses on issues related to all types of abuse and the consequences that result. Understanding issues and realizing that others share similar emotions is an important part of the healing process and a factor in preventing another abusive relationship.

The other group is lead by the Children's Therapist. A huge variety of interesting topics are covered in parenting group from potty training with toddlers, to dating and curfews for teenagers. Mom's are given the tools, knowledge and encouragement needed in order to increase self esteem in their children, teach problem solving skills, and prevent the cycle of abuse from continuing. 

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Counselling for Children

Children who reside at Alpha House meet once a week with the Children's Therapist to learn about abuse, talk about their story, and share their feelings.  Children who have witnessed or experienced any form of domestic violence deserve to be heard and understood.  They have their own hurts, concerns, fears, and needs that need to be discovered and met. The Children's Therapist hopes to begin the healing process with the child no matter what age they are. A child will benefit from something as simple as a safe, interactive, stimulating environment to play in. Topics and issues discussed vary with the age and developmental level of the child.
“It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.”

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Family Activities

Fun interaction is another part of growth and healing. Alpha House provides different activities for you, your children, and the family to participate in. Together you and your children have the chance to enjoy parts of the community that you may never have experienced before. As a group we enjoy theater and the arts, sporting events, coffee shops, community center programs, and family entertainment such as the zoo. We also spend time together at Alpha House doing different activities such as craft projects and games. By participating in outings and events you have the chance to learn about the community around you, which is another step in the direction of reintegration as an independent woman.  

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