When I left my abusive relationship, I was totally deceived and broken. I was fearful, scared, shattered and moving without any hope. I was worried and stressed about how I would be able to survive with my little son in this country where I did not know anyone.

When I was in Osborne House and my application to stay in Alpha House was accepted it gave me a sense of relief that at least I would have a roof over my head. Honestly at that time I was very doubtful about everything. I did not know what Alpha House was about or how things work there.

After moving to Alpha House I realized that it was a blessing for my son and I to come here and stay. I came to know kindness is not tendered on demand. The help and support I received at Alpha House is beyond words and cannot be expressed. I can only say that if there are worries and fears in my mind and I need their help but there are 100 steps between me and them, I need to take just one step because the other 99 steps they take to help me. They are always there to help.

From time to time they always listened with care and concern. They are always there through my every tear, through all my sad sorrows and through every laugh. They always helped me to not be scared about the things I am fearful of. They always helped me deal with my strife.

The whole year at Alpha House is a period of learning and internal growth. In my abusive relationship I was totally lost
somewhere. There was no confidence left in me. With the help and support I received at Alpha House I rediscovered myself. They helped me to dig out the hidden talents in me I was not aware I possess.

Everybody at Alpha House helped bring back my smile and pleasure. I have learned how strong, valuable, capable and deserving I am as a human being. They made me understand how I need to love myself for who I am. I have learned that I am responsible for only my own feelings and that I do now owe anyone else an explanation for my own behaviour.

With all the help at Alpha House my thoughts are now under my own control. I am relaxed and everything is getting better everyday. I am able to understand clearly how my child and I will benefit from the healthy changes that have resulted being away from this abusive relationship. There are endless opportunities in life to try.

I cannot return to Alpha House what they have given to me accept to say thank you for being there for me.