We have seven suites available for women and their children to live in for up to nine months.
Residents are protected by an extensive security network that includes keeping the location of
the house strictly confidential. Counselling and support services are provided and women are encouraged to upgrade their skills to achieve self sufficiency and a higher quality of life.

We have a strong membership and two Boards:

  1. Alpha House Project Board – is responsible for the maintenance and running of the house.
  2. Alpha House Foundation Board – acts as the fundraising wing for the organization.

Our mandate is to not only provide a place for families to live while transitioning away from violence, but to work closely with the women to build back their self-confidence and self-reliance so that they can live independently and flourish as examples to themselves, their children and other women being abused.

We are also deeply concerned about children who have experienced family violence and provide specific children’s counselling to help them work through the trauma while living in the safe environment of Alpha House.