Purpose & Objectives
The purpose of this Foundation shall be to raise funds and other resources in support of
Alpha House Project Inc. The specific objectives of the organization are:

  1. to carry on without pecuniary gain objects of charitable character;
  2. to raise funds primarily for the purposes of donations or gifts by such other means as the Foundation shall from time to time consider advisable;
  3. to develop and maintain effective fiscal management; and
  4. to lease, acquire options or otherwise obtain interest in property or chattels for the purposes of the Foundation.

The five year vision for Alpha House Foundation is to gain the support of at least 2 Corporate sponsors, increase membership to 400, make $50,000 per year in revenue to support ongoing activities of the House and the growth of the organization, and to have communicated well enough within the community to be a well known cause as common-place as some of the most popular today.